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Human Aid Bangladesh has arranged "IFTAR ITEMS" for the underprivileged community in the first phase of "Eid er anondo ghore ghore(Delightful Eid For all)" program. We are trying our best to bring in smile in the poor community. Please widen your helping hand and be a part of this.

Human Aid Bangladesh has newly revealed a new dimension, “Sadhinota Blood Bank & Mini Lab”, a sister concern of the foundation. It was formed on the 1st December of 2015. It is providing all laboratory investigation free to the underprivileged community. Besides, The facilities encompassing the Blood bank is available for all.

Today, Sadhinota Blood Bank has completed blood grouping of 16 orphanages of Right and Sight for Children foundation. We will promote the health sector development of the underprivileged people. Organizations present in Bangladesh are welcomed in contributory positions.

Professor Dr Mohammad Ali,Department of Surgery and Dr.Salah uddin chanchal have contributed in our health project. In the picture they were handing over donation to the president of Human Aid Bangladesh. We hope their continuous support to create a health conscious society will be with us.